Brochures hold key information and serve as a constant sales tool for any marketing campaign. They hold a stream of information allowing your customers to understand your company and what you offer.

Accordion Fold Brochures divides your brochure into four alternating panels. This design opens flat to eight panels. Four panel brochures are the perfect option for menus and holds a wealth of information of products and services. It offers a wide variety of information and graphics to highlight colors, images and text. The most popular size for Accordion Brochures is 11"x17" folds to 11"x4.25", large enough to keep all text and graphics viewable to an attractive final folded size. 


Are sizes shown unfolded or folded?

All sizes listed are unfolded, and laid out flat. 

What are the different paper materials?

  • 70lb stock is uncoated and is the thinnest paper stock. Uncoated stock has a nice, smooth feel to touch. 
  • 80lb and 100lb paper stock are glossy. While 80lb is slightly thicker than 70lb, it is thinner than 100lb paper. Both 80lb and 100lb paper stock have a nice glossy sheen. These paper stocks are also known as 80lb book or 100lb book. 
  • 100lb Gloss Cover are thick cardstock with a beautiful gloss sheen. They are thicker than 100lb paper stock.  

What type of brochure panel folds do you offer?

Brochures can be folded into 2 panels, 3 panels or 4 panels. 

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