Folded Classic Business Cards: Double the Information

Folded Classic Business Cards are perfect for professional businesses that require a lot of information than standard business cards. Folded Business Cards are elegant and sophisticated that allow your company to add information to write on the inside of the card. It's easy to create personalized information, and used from small to large scale businesses and are perfect for wedding save the date cards. Folded Classic Business Cards are compact and fit right in your wallet.  

Half Fold (scored only)

Paper Stocks 

14 pt. Cardstock - A thick, lightweight material; the standard choice for most business cards.

Paper Coatings

High UV Gloss
Colors instantly pop as the entire design shines
Bring attention to your branding by coating both sides 

An elegant touch on both sides
Ideal for luxury brands or designs

Provides a writable surface for cards that will be attached to important documents
Applied on one or both sides, depending on the space you a lot for writing 

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