Print premium Vinyl Banners online today. Banners are a great way to promote your new business, trade shows, elections, and more. Hang them in strategic locations outdoors to increase brand awareness or decorate your event venue. Rugged and tough, your banner is sure to last through heavy indoor and outdoor use. Hang it, roll it up, store it, or leave it up year-round. Our banners are made to last, giving you reliability and great value. Vinyl banners steal the show every time they’re on display. They lure people towards your store or your tradeshow booth. They can be used to detail what products or services you offer. Make the ideal impression on your target market with eye-catching and creative vinyl banners. Introduce a promo or feature an awesome products with cool banners and posters. Features: Maximum size: 10ft x 145ft Materials: 13 oz. Matte Vinyl Banner FAQ What optional finishing do you offer for this material? We offer 9 optional finishing for your needs: Hem (free) Grommet (free) Pole pocket Windslit Webbing D-ring Velcro Reinforced corner Rope


  • Smooth surface
  • Premium 13oz scrim matte vinyl
  • Perfect for billboards, building wraps, banners, events, trade shows, parades
  • Many optional finishings available


How do you setup artwork files for pole pockets?

Setup your artwork the same size as your print order. There is a safety of 2", 3" or 4" (depending on pole pocket size you order), keep important text and graphics from the edge of your artwork.

What are suggested pole dimensions for optional pole pocket(s)?

  • 2” pole pocket accommodates 1” diameter pole and under
  • 3” pole pocket accommodates 1.5” diameter pole and under
  • 4” pole pocket accommodates 2” diameter pole and under

What optional finishings do you offer?

  • Hem           (Free)
  • Grommet  (Free)
  • Pole Pockets 
  • Windslit 
  • Webbing 
  • D-ring 
  • Reinforced Corners using Banner Tabs           
  • Rope 
  • Velcro (Not available on Double-Sided Banners)   

Are special banner finishings required?

Hem and grommets are suggested to reinforce the durability of the banner outdoors.

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